Owners Use
Bulls qualify to enter owners use only facility with minimum pre testing. Eligible to leave immediately after semen is collected. No further testing required. Semen is restricted to owners herd only.

Export Qualified
Semen is eligible for export after required in stud testing. Minimum 6 weeks residency. Additional testing maybe required depending on export destination.

Canadian Qualified
Semen is eligible for sale and distribution in Canada. Additional testing required while in stud. Minimum 4 weeks residency.
Resident Herd Status
This is undoubtedly our main feature at Alta.
Bulls that remain at Alta for U.S. qualified and other exportable semen are housed in these large, spacious pens that allow plenty of room for exercise and movement. Individual sheds are provided for each pen to protect your bull from wind and cold weather. Bulls tested for Canada only cannot be housed in this area.
EEC Qualified
Alta provides a facility that is approved to collect IBR negative bulls in for export to EEC Countries. Longer residency and additional testing required.

For more details on testing requirements, export regulations and restrictions for the different markets, please call Dawn Wood at 1-800-465-8858 or 403-226-0666.