The focus at Alta Genetics is to always offer the customer the best service and quality product available in the industry. Alta Genetics has been forced to compete with escalating salaries in Alberta to retain the experience and talent necessary to offer this. This increased cost of doing business or salary increases has resulted in our first significant price increase in 5 years. We are confident that the staff we have at Alta are worth this investment and the product and service we provide will be better than ever. We have also invested in facility improvements and advancing technology to further assure that you the customer are completely satisfied.

Details on the new rates and services offered can be obtained by calling the client services department at 1-800-465-8858 or 403-226-0666.

Recent concerns with Bio Security and health protocol updates have forced us to make changes to our visitor policy. All International visitors must have a pre-approved booking for a tour a minimum 2 weeks prior to arrival at the Balzac facility. In some cases only a drive through tour will be available. Domestic visitors will only be allowed tours and viewing of the bulls during regular business hours of 8 am to 4:30pm. Weekend visits will be allowed by appointment only and with a guided tour. We will do our best to accommodate your visits and ensure that your herd sire is displayed to as many visitors as possible.

Effective July 2006, the CFIA amended the pre stud entry requirements for Owners Use only bulls. This means that your bull(s) can enter, be collected and leave the same day with no testing requirements. Please note that only bulls “pre booked” will be allowed into the facility on the designated collections days. Bulls with no tests will be required to leave the stud immediately following the collection of the semen.

To ensure pen availability we recommend that if you require semen to be sold in Canada or other export markets that you request a “full set” or “full export” pre stud entry tests be done by your local veterinarian. When the test results are endorsed by the federal district vet, your bull is eligible for entry into the stud. We also recommend you, or your Veterinarian contact us prior to testing your bull to ensure the most up to date tests are done. It is also a good idea to let us know what Countries you would like to qualify for, as they all have different requirements.

We require all bulls entering our facility to be RFID/CCIA tagged.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Dawn Wood at or call 1-800-465-8858 or 403-226-0666.

Terry White
Custom Program Manager