A.I. Supplies

Nitrogen Tanks

XC20 MILLENNIUM 540 straw capacity 135 day holding time
XC 34/18 1800 straw capacity 127 day holding time

-more sizes and models available, call for more information and details

Other Supplies

A.I Cito Kit
Chin Ball Marker Halters

DG29TM Pregnancy Test

Marker Paint
Electro Ejaculators
Electro Ejaculator Probes
Shoulder Length Gloves
Examination Gloves
Universal Insemination Gun
ALL-2-Mate Insemination Gun
Spiral Sheaths (blue tip)
Split Sheaths (green tip)
KAMAR Heat Detectors
Sanitary Sheaths
Sheaths- Hard Protective
Thaw Units ( 12V, 110V, and manual)

-please call for availability and prices