Industry Updates


In the fall of 2013 Alta Genetics, along with the assistance of industry partners that included CLGA and CBBC, met with CFIA to discuss several operational challenges. This included sire health testing requirements for bulls entering and residing in AI centers. The incidence of bulls failing their lepto testing was being reported and recorded at an alarming rate and we felt it was necessary to address the issue as the cost to the seed stock producers and industry was becoming significant.

After two separate meeting dates in Ottawa with stakeholders and CFIA officials we are very pleased to share that CFIA has made a significant change to the AI center health testing requirements for leptospirosis.

Effective mid-April 2014, CFIA announced changes to the serotypes of leptospirosis in particular the hardjo serotype to be considered negative at 1:200. (previous levels were negative at <1:100)

These are significant changes as it now brings us closer in line with the lepto requirements of our trading partners in the United States. Bulls that were not eligible to export because of failed hardjo lepto titres can now be retested; if they are stable or declining at 1:200, they will be eligible for entry into the AI centers.


CFIA Memorandum: The Artificial Insemination, Manual of Procedures (MOP) will be revised and all serotypes of leptospirosis, hardjo included, will move to the standard of demonstration of a stable titre at 1:200 or less to be considered negative.


Please contact Terry White if you have any questions on this change or any other questions or concerns you have relative to getting your bull collected.


Terry White
Custom Program Manager